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I found an old notebook as I was cleaning out the attic of the house we recently bought. It was handwritten by a girl named Jenny. I couldn't believe the story that unfolded as I read those old and worn pages written in ink. I decided it was too good and needed to be shared with the world. Here is part 4, unedited.

The next morning was Friday, the day Mr. Kelty asked me to stop by after school. I put on my best underwear and wore a very short, tight skirt and a tight cotton tank top without a bra. John wanted to fuck me that morning before school, but I wouldn't let him. I gave him a quick blow job instead and made sure I swallowed all of it so I didn't get any on my clothes.

After school I rushed to Mr. Kelty's room and was surprised to find Cindy there as well. Cindy looked equally surprised to see me. Mr. Kelty was sitting in the chair with his feet on the desk folded over one another.

"Lock the door, Jenny. You two girls know each other, don't you."

We both nodded and looked at each other cautiously. I wasn't sure what Mr. Kelty had in mind, but I knew it must involve both of us. The more I thought about, the more excited I got, particularly after hearing them together the other day. I had a picture in my mind of Cindy bouncing up and down on Mr. Kelty's cock, then swallowing a mouthful of his cum. I could feel my pussy already leaking into my panties.

"The reason I asked you both here is to help teach each other. You need to learn to explore the limits of your nsfw gifs. For example, I know you have both been kissed by boys, but have you ever kissed another girl?"

We both shook our heads no. I wasn't about to tell him about Mr. Hayes and Miss Carter. Besides, technically I never kissed her, not on the lips anyway.

"A girl's lips are so soft and sensual. I think you two should try kissing. Jenny, would you like Cindy to kiss you? How about it Cindy?"

I shrugged my shoulders as if I didn't care, but my anal sex gifs was twitching just thinking about it. Cindy moved over to me looking nervous, then tilted her head and moved her lips to mine. I put my hands on her shoulders and opened my mouth, flicking my tongue against her lips. Her tongue found mine as our kiss became more passionate. I put my arms around her neck and pressed my body to hers while Cindy moved her hands to my hips. I could feel her soft tits press against me. Mr. Kelty stood and walked over beside us. He put a hand on each of our backs.

"That's good. Now Cindy, I want you to reach around Jenny and cup her ass with your hands. Keep kissing. Good. Squeeze her cheeks, Cindy. Notice how round and firm Jenny's sweet little ass feels. You like that, don't you Jenny?"

I mumbled a quick affirmative and went back to kissing Cindy's soft lips and wet mouth. I was really getting turned on quickly. My pussy was leaking all over and I could feel my panties getting wet in the crotch. I wanted so much for Cindy to slip her hand down lower and then press up between my legs so her fingers could rub my pussy.

"Okay, Jenny, it's your turn to do something for Cindy. I want you to lower both of your hands to her tits and feel her up. Yes, just like that. Don't they feel nice? Now rub and squeeze them the way you like to have it done to you. That's it. Pinch her nipples. Now put your hands under her top and feel her naked tits. Good. Do you like what she is doing, Cindy?"

"Yes, Mr. Kelty. I never thought kissing a girl could be so hot."

Cindy's hands had moved under my skirt and were now kneading my ass cheeks through the thin silk panties I had worn especially for this afternoon. She slipped her hands inside and rubbed my bare ass, digging her fingers into the cleft and pulling my cheeks apart.

"Cindy, I want you to take off Jenny's panties."

Cindy pushed my panties down over my ass, then hooked her thumbs into the sides and slid them down my legs. She dropped to her knees and finished removing them one leg at a time.

"Look, Mr. Kelty. They're all wet right here in the part that covers her pussy."

"That's right, Cindy. You made her so excited that her pussy juice leaked into her panties. Smell them, Cindy. Go ahead. Doesn't she smell delicious?"

Cindy nodded while making a "mmmmmmm." sound.

"Pull up your dress, Jenny, so Cindy can see your pretty little pussy. See how puffy it is, Cindy? Beneath her pussy hair you can see the dark gash of her cunt. Go ahead and touch it, Cindy."

Her fingers were so soft. I could feel my juices really beginning to flow. I humped my pussy against her fingers. Cindy put a finger up my cunt and then another. She slowly fucked them in and out of me. With her other hand she rubbed my clit. Cindy knew exactly what to do and soon had me on the brink of orgasm. Just as I was about to explode Mr. Kelty interrupted.

"That's enough, Cindy. Look at her juicy pussy all pink and glistening. Doesn't it look tasty? Go ahead and lick it. Go on... just like when I did you."

Cindy looked hesitant, but Mr. Kelty put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face forward until her nose brushed against my pubes. She looked up at me and I looked back. I put my hands on her head and guided her face to my pussy. Leaning against the desk for support, I swung my right leg over her shoulder, opening myself fully to her mouth. Cindy put out her tongue and touched the searing folds of my cunt. Then her soft lips pressed against my pussy as her tongue pushed into me. I moaned.

"I'm going to take out my big ass gifs now. Would you like to suck on it, Jenny?"

I nodded. Mr. Kelty was already erect from watching Cindy eat my pussy. I wrapped my hand around his swollen shaft and stroked it up and down, amazed at its girth. He was tall enough that I was able to bend over and easily slide my lips around his large head. I pushed down on him stretching my lips as he slid deeper in my mouth. Then I felt it press against the back of my throat, which I opened to let him slide deeper.

" Jenny, you've been practicing. Oh shit, that feels good... oooohhhh."

The sensation of Mr. Kelty's cock sliding down my throat and Cindy's tongue dancing in my cunt was too much for me. My body stiffened and the jerked as an orgasm that washed through me. I had to pull off Mr. Kelty to catch my breath. I could feel my cunt gushing into Cindy's mouth. Cindy kept on tongue fucking me, keeping her mouth clamped to my pussy the whole time. I finally caught my breath and slowly regained my composure.

Cindy crawled out from under me and went straight for Mr. Kelty's cock. Her mouth and cheeks glistened with juices from my cunt. She made loud slurping sounds as she tried to swallow Mr. Kelty's engorged manhood. I dropped to my knees beside her to kiss and lick his balls. After sucking on him for a while, Cindy fed his cumshots gifs to me. We passed him back and forth, kissing each other in between. "That's enough girls. Cindy, sweetheart, take off your panties and sit on the desk so Jenny can lick you like you did her. Good girl. Now lift your legs up and roll onto your back. Okay, Jenny, bend over and kiss her pussy. Yes, just like that."

While I was munching away on Cindy's very tasty cunt, Mr. Kelty came up behind me and shoved two fingers up my cunt. I spread my legs to give him better access. He replaced his fingers with his cock which he rubbed up and down my juicy gash. I tilted my ass upward trying to draw him into me. I felt his thick, bulbous head spread my pussy lips and push into me. He went deeper, then pulled out and pushed back in harder and deeper until I was fully impaled. He grabbed my hips and fucked me in deep, rapid thrusts. I did my best to keep my mouth clamped to Cindy's pussy as he hammered me over and over.

I was the first to cum. I could masturbation gifs feel my cunt spasm around Mr. Kelty's cock. My head was spinning and my body was shaking. Juices poured from me and streamed down my legs. I let out a few muffled screams into Cindy's hot cunt.

Mr. Kelty pulled his cock from my pussy and pushed me aside. He moved in front of Cindy, pulling her forward so her ass was hanging over the edge of the desk and quickly worked his cock into her waiting cunt. He instructed me to get up on the desk so I could straddle her face and lean forward to lick Cindy's fingering her clit while he was fucking her. It wasn't long before Cindy's pussy exploded causing her juices to splatter all over my face.

Mr. Kelty pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth. He grabbed my head and began fucking my face as if it were a cunt. From his grunts and groans I could tell he was about to cum.

"Oh, yeah... that's it, baby... get ready... oh shit... here it cums, Jenny... aaaaaaahhhhh... uuunnngggghhhh..."

A powerful jet of thick gooey cream splashed against the back of my throat. This was followed by another and then another. I couldn't hold it all in my mouth.

""Don't swallow, Jenny. I think Cindy wants you to share, don't you, Cindy."

She mumbled in the affirmative, then climbed down from the desk and took Mr. Kelty's dripping cock from my mouth so she could suck the last few drops. When she was finished, I pulled her face to mine until our lips met. Our mouths opened in a passionate kiss. I still had a mouthful of cum which slowly oozed down my tongue and into her mouth. We swirled it back and forth between us using our tongues and mouths until we had swallowed it all down.

"Okay, girls, that's all for today. I'll see both of you next week."

Cindy and I put our panties back on and readjusted our clothes. I invited her over to my house, telling her that if we were lucky my brother and his friends would be there. She said my brother was cute and she wouldn't mind going out with him. I told her that I had seen him in the shower and he had a cock almost as big as Mr. Kelty's. She giggled and said "Let's go".

No one was home when we arrived. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and chatted about different sexual fantasies we had. Cindy told me she had only been with two other guys before Mr. Kelty, but that she thought about sex all the time. One thing led to another and we ended up kissing in the kitchen while leaning against a counter. I was fingering her pussy and she was rubbing my tits when we were unexpectedly interrupted.

"Don't stop just on account of me being here. I'm enjoying the show."

It was Daddy home early again. Cindy turned four shades of red, but I knew better. I walked over to Daddy, threw my arms around his neck and planted a hot, wet kiss on his lips. He grabbed my ass and lifted me in the air. I wrapped my legs around him. Finally he put me down and we broke apart.

"Welcome home Daddy. I brought you a present. This is non nude gifs Cindy."

Cindy was wide-eyed with an open mouth not sure she was actually experiencing this or dreaming. Daddy walked over behind Cindy and put a hand on her shoulder.

"You are a very attractive young lady, Cindy. Did you like what Jenny was doing to you when I walked in? Did it feel good to have her finger in your pussy?"

Cindy, in a trance, nodded her head. Daddy knew exactly how to play her.

"You are so pretty. You must make all the boys get hard when they look at you. And you have a terrific body. Would you mind if I touched you threesome gifs?"

Without waiting for an answer, Dad lowered his hand from her shoulder and cupped her right breast, squeezing it gently with his large hand. Dad put his other hand under her chin and turned her face back towards him. He leaned down and kissed her neck, moving up to her ear and finally her lips. His lowered his left hand to her other breast and pressed up tightly against her body. Cindy did nothing to stop him and soon was kissing him back with equal passion and grinding her ass against his bulging cock.

I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of Cindy. I pushed her dress up and rubbed my fingers over her pussy through her pink cotton panties. Then I replaced my fingers with my mouth and began kissing, sucking and tonguing the growing wet spot oozing from inside her. Cindy reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, exposing her cunt to my eager mouth. I quickly clamped my mouth over her mound and sunk my tongue deep inside.

Daddy had his hands under Cindy's blouse and was squeezing and pinching her tits and nipples while kissing her neck and ear. I wedged a hand between Cindy's teen ass gifs and Dad's cock and rubbed his monster. When I reached his zipper I pulled it down and slipped my hand inside wrapping it around his swollen manhood.

Cindy was moaning and gasping with pleasure as my tongue danced over her clit. Juices were flowing from her cunt and smearing across my lips and chin. Daddy stepped back from Cindy and unfastened his trousers, letting them fall to the floor. Then he pulled Cindy's blouse over her head and removed her bra. Her two well formed tits bounced free, hanging majestically from her chest with small hard nipples pointing slightly upwards from the pink caps surrounding them.

I hooked my fingers in the elastic of Cindy's panties and pulled them down. She stepped out of them one leg at a time. Daddy turned Cindy around so she was facing him. She stared down at his monster cock, her mouth agape. Daddy guided her hand to him and wrapped her fingers around his massive girth.

I stood pressed my lips to hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth. I knew she could taste her own pussy on me as we continued to kiss. I slid my lips down across her neck and chest until I was able to suck her nipple into my mouth. Daddy put his hand between her legs and shoved two fingers into her pussy. Cindy just let it all happen to her as if she were in a trance.

I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around Daddy's massive porn gifs collection, taking as much in my mouth as I could. Cindy fed him to me an inch at a time. I opened my throat to allow him to go deeper. Daddy and Cindy started began again while he continued to finger fuck her. Saliva was drooling from my lips and running down his cock and balls.

When he was good and hard, Daddy pulled his dripping cock from my mouth and turned Cindy until she was facing the counter. He bent her at the waist and asked her to spread her legs. She put her arms on the counter for support. Daddy lifted her skirt and stepped up behind her. I crawled over so I could help guide his cock to her waiting pussy. I rubbed the head up and down her juicy slit until it popped inside her. Cindy let out a grunt as she felt his massive girth stretch her squirting pussy gifs.

No one said a word as Daddy worked his cock deeper and deeper up her cunt. Cindy let out a series of grunts and moans each time he thrust himself deeper. When he was about half way in he began fucking her faster and faster. I kept my hand wrapped around him as he hammered his cock in and out of her. In less than a minute Cindy had her first orgasm. She threw her head back and screamed. Juices from her cunt splattered all over my hand. Daddy pulled out until she was able to catch her breath. I quickly gobbled him into my mouth.

After licking him clean, I put daddy's cock back into Cindy's pussy. He quickly fucked her to another explosive orgasm. This time when he pulled out he guided Cindy down on her knees and shoved his slimy cock between her lips. She quickly gobbled him into her mouth, but was only able to take a few inches before she started choking. She kept working on him until she was finally able to swallow about seven inches. Then she passed him to me and I swallowed all but two inches before passing him back to Cindy. We continued to share him until Cindy was able to get most lesbian gifs of him down her throat.

Daddy picked Cindy up by the arms and pulled her tightly to him. The length of his hard cock pressed against her stomach. Daddy leaned down and kissed her. She put her arms around his neck. He cupped her ass cheeks and picked her up. Cindy wrapped her legs around him and pulled herself up until the tip of his cock was just below her pussy. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around Daddy's bulging manhood, guiding him to her juicy slit. Her cunt lips stretched around him as she slowly lowered herself onto his engorged shaft.

After taking several inches into her cunt, Cindy pulled up and slammed down on him, driving his cock deeper into her belly. I kept my hand wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft, feeding him into her hot pussy gifs as she bounced up and down on his swollen monster. She was gasping and moaning as Daddy's cock continued to burrow into her juicy cunt. When she was impaled on all but the few inches I was holding, she started shrieking. Juices poured from her cunt coating Daddy's cock with her slick juices, which also dribbled over my fingers.

I removed my hand and kissed Daddy's balls. Cindy's ass pressed against my face each time she impaled herself on his oversized manhood. Her orgasm continued non-stop as the rest of Daddy's cock disappeared into her belly. Cunt juices continued to gush over Daddy's balls and my face. Then I did something really gross, except it seemed so hot when I did it. I buried my face between Cindy's ass cheeks and licked her asshole while caressing Daddy's balls with my hand.

Cindy stopped bouncing and tilted her ass towards me while fully impaled on Daddy. I flicked my tongue rapidly over the tight little knot of her asshole anspressed the tip against the opening. Cindy was sobbing with her arms clutched desperately around Daddy's neck. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably. She was exhausted, but her body wouldn't stop cumming.

Cindy's pussy was convulsing and twitching against Daddy's cock buried deep in her belly. I felt Daddy's balls swell and knew he was about to shoot cum into Cindy's belly. I moved my hand under his balls and rubbed his scrotum. Daddy was thrusting hard into Cindy causing her to bounce up. I took my index finger and pressed it against her sphincter until it pushed inside. I went back to kissing and licking Daddy's balls.

Several things happened at once. Cindy squealed with delight as my finger buried itself up her ass. Daddy let out a loud grunt. His balls shrunk and I could feel cum surging through his scrotum just before it blasted from his cock into Cindy's womb. She let out a screeching wail as she felt his cum filling her belly. He kept blasting stream after stream of sticky goo into Cindy's cunt until it started to leak back down his shaft and over his balls. I eagerly licked it from him, swallowing the tasty mixture of juices.

By the time Daddy finished dumping his huge load into Cindy, her body had become limp. Soft, trance-like moans escaped from her throat. Daddy lowered her to a nearby chair and propped her lifeless body so she wouldn't fall over. Her arms fell limp to her sides and her head hung down above her heaving tits. Her legs were spread wide exposing her raw cunt lips folded open through the light brown curls sticky with beads of cum. Her fisting gifs pussy twitched involuntarily and released a river of white goo which oozed onto the chair and dripped on the floor.

Daddy's slimy cock was starting to wilt. I crawled over on my knees and sucked it into my mouth, cleaning him thoroughly with my lips and tongue. Then I moved to Cindy and licked the rest of Daddy's cum from her cunt. Cindy stirred back to life and put her hands on the back of my head, encouraging me with some soft and gentle groans. I moved up her body, tracing my tongue across her stomach, then stopping to stimulate her nipples. She pulled my face to hers and our mouths opened in a wet kiss. She shoved her tongue into my mouth so she could taste the remnants of the sex she had just experienced.

As our kiss became more passionate, Cindy moved a hand between my legs. She rubbed my pussy rough porn gifs and clit until my juices were flowing, then she buried two fingers up my cunt. I spread my legs and humped her fingers. Cindy let her kisses slide down to my neck and then to my tits, gently biting my sensitive nipples. She slid to the floor and clamped her mouth over my pussy, shoving her tongue into my searing cunt. I put one foot on the chair to give her better access.